Our Whakawhanaungatanga

The Taradale Primary School ‘Our Whakawhanaungatanga’ underpins all that we do.

This has had a number of iterations with this version, reformulated in 2019, being the current format. We believe that each of the nine elements within this construct are essential learning skills – all of which link to the TPS Values, to the needs of our community and to the learning aspirations of each of our ākonga.

Our Whakawhanaungatanga is future focused and is integrated into all areas of our school as we truly endeavour to provide a holistic environment where the learning is increasingly more agentic, culturally connected and challenging for all ākonga no matter the level that they are at. Our Whakawhanaungatanga is embedded throughout our curriculum, school culture and our ‘day to day’ school life. We break down each element explicitly and celebrate when we notice this in action. It is both student centred and needs based.

The learning language noted across the school is consistent and we see Our Whakawhanaungatanga as a visible representation of what is important to us all … what we ‘see, hear and feel’.