Bring your own device

2022 BYOD Information 

We have successfully implemented the ‘Bring your Own Device’ programme into our Year 5-6 classes over the last six years and this will continue in 2022.  The following information will assist you to learn more about our current BYOD programme.  

At Taradale Primary School we use the Blended Learning model for implementing BYOD.  The Blended Learning model utilises a strategy so that students benefit from the already existing strong classroom teaching and, when possible, and as required,  ICT/e-Learning is blended in to enhance this further.  Blended Learning involves the combination of traditional and e-Learning practices to deliver learning experiences that best supports our students needs and interests.

The use of devices in the classroom continues to evolve as our teachers and students continually become more skilled and experienced with blending the devices into their learning.  Staff and students collaborate and use the device as a tool that develops the student as an information seeker, an analyser, an evaluator, a problem-solver and a decision maker, linking to our Whakawhanaungatanga. 

We are often asked about the preferred device.  Our recommendation is a Chromebook.  The prices vary but are approximately $400.   It is a personal choice as to the brand, colours and headphones chosen.  The Chromebooks have worked really well in our current BYOD classes.

We sometimes have learners bring in Windows or Apple brand products however these can prove to be a little more problematic. These include issues such as set-up of devices, security issues including malware and viruses, backup of devices and cost. 

A case and headphones is also recommended.

If you have any other questions or queries please email either   (Deputy Principal) or (Team Leader of Year 5 & 6)