Camp Tutira

We are usually go on home class  camps in Term 2.  Preparations are now underway.  

When:  See school Calendar

Where: The Guthrie Smith Outdoor Education Centre.  This is 45km north of Napier on Tutira Station.  (It has been an Outdoor Education Centre since 1976.)  Prior to that it was a Farm Cadet Training Centre.  It is very close to Lake Tutira, so we will in future refer to  this camp as “Camp Tutira”.

Accommodation: Bunk Rooms – mattresses supplied.

Facilities: Full cooking and drying facilities are provided.
Activities & Equipment: A wide range of activities and equipment is available for our use:

·      Canadian canoes                           ·      Orienteering courses

·      Flying Kiwi                                      ·      Volleyball court and net

·      Bush walks                                     ·      Open fire cookouts

·      Casey’s Clamber                            ·      Group initiative activities

·      Low Ropes                                       ·      Night environment trail


Coordinator: The centre has instructors, who will be helping throughout the week with:

·      camp planning      ·      instruction in specialist areas      ·      equipment/problem solving activities

Transport: We travel by private cars.  We would  use some trailers, covered if possible.

Parents: We require 6 parents to accompany us and stay at camp for the full duration (there will be no part week stays).  We do have to limit the number of parents staying overnight for a range of reasons.  One of these is the fact that the camp is charging for any extra adults that accompany us.  If we have more parents than places available a ballot will need to be held.  

Parents need to be willing to tramp, go Canadian Canoeing, whilst being able to cook and clean with gusto.    There is no fee for the six parents who are attending camp. For those that are not at camp you are welcome to attend camp on Wednesday.

Costs: We are aware how difficult it is to meet extra expenses such as camp fees and are keeping these as low as possible.  

Parents are invoiced for the cost of camp.
Camp costs are to be paid prior to the children attending camp.  Payments can be made by cash,   cheque, eftpos or online banking.

If you wish to pay these costs by instalments you may pay by direct debit to:

Taradale Primary School 123479 0025245 00

Please include your child’s name and “Camp” as a reference.

If there are any difficulties meeting the costs please contact the school office or the class teacher to discuss the options available.

Gear: A full “Gear List” has been issued and an update may be sent out before the end of Term 1.  Please ensure the children have all the requirements.  A full length raincoat of good water-proof quality is a must, eg PV, oil-skin.  Perhaps you could arrange to borrow a suitable one well ahead of time.

Consent: Please complete, sign and return the Camp Consent Form.   Health information forms also need to be filled in.

Food: Most food costs are included in camp fees.  If you have access to staff discounts please contact us.  We will be asking for donations of biscuits/cakes etc, which will help keep the camp cost down.  Camp  notes will be shared  online on the School Intranet

Parent Camp Meeting:  see school calendar

 The camp phone number is  06 839 7485


Team 3 Teachers