Mission / Values

Our mission, values and beliefs

Our mission is:

To enable our learners to be lifelong achievers

who can think creatively and critically

as part of a caring global community.


Our values and beliefs:

The New Zealand Curriculum states that ‘values are deeply held beliefs about what is important and desirable.’ 

They are expressed through the ways in which people think and act. 

The New Zealand Curriculum document also states that ‘every decision relating to curriculum and any interaction that takes place in a school’ should reflect the collective values held.

 A list which is not prescriptive is provided in that document. 

Students will be encouraged to value:

  • Excellence 

  • Innovation, inquiry and curiosity

  • Diversity 

  • Equity 

  • Community and participation 

  • Ecological sustainability 

  • Integrity 

  • Respect 

Through community consultation, Taradale Primary School has developed its own set of values and, again these are not exhaustive rather they are reflective of what the majority of our community see as important. 

We believe that these are very evident in all that we do, all that we expect and all that we model. These values are articulated often within the overall structure of our learning culture.

We also endeavour to link these values to other artefacts across our school – the dimensions of our Whakawhanaungatanga.. 

We have ten values, however we believe that two of these values; Respect and Personal Excellence are overarching values, being the umbrella for the other eight values. 

These are listed below and are not in any order of importance. 

  • Compassion

  • Creativity 

  • Honesty

  • Self-Discipline 

  • Consideration 

  • Flexibility 

  • Purposefulness

  • Tolerance