Our specialist music teacher, Sally Davies, introduces our student to the ukulele, recorder, glockenspiels, singing and our bucket band. We also have a specialist choir tutor, Lynn Irwin and Kiako Geemas, who leads our large Kapa Haka group.

Additional to this, our school provides opportunities to learn guitar, flute and keyboard.

As the specialist Music Teacher, Mrs Sally Davies,offers the following music activities for Years 3-6:

Year 3:   

  • Singing, dance, movement and rhythm.

Year 4:   

  • Learning to read and write music;  Clapping and understanding rhythmic patterns;
  • Rako stick game.
  • Learning to play the Glockenspiel culminating in a professional concert to parents   and other classes.
  • Introductory Recorder lessons.

Year 5:   

  • Recorder lessons with advanced students being extended.
  • Rako stick game.

Year 6:    

  • Ukulele lessons.
  • Rako stick game.


Ukulele Festival:   An amazing evening of ukulele playing with other HB Primary and                                                   Intermediate  students.

Orchestra Play-In Day:   This is a day of instrumental music playing in a full classical orchestra. The children involved would be those of above average ability and enthusiasm. We will have pre learnt 5-6 pieces in advance of the day and join other students from HB Primary and Intermediate schools.

Bucket Band:   A fun musical experience of playing scripted rhythmic patterns on buckets.

Concerts:    Performing at local Rest Homes involving the Choir and Instrumentalists.