T.P.S. Sporting Overview

To register your child for a sports please visit:

The table below gives an outline to the sports that T.P.S. will be offering.  This overview will be helpful to you in organising your child’s sporting commitments and also gives you an idea of when to expect some information about the sports. This information is based on times, dates and venues from previous years so may be subject to change. We try to organise teams in advance so it may be the term prior to the sport starting that we will get an idea of numbers and how many teams and coaches we need.

It is great that we have so many children who want to participate, however this is logistically challenging for those organising. Therefore it is vital that permission slips are returned to the teacher in charge, as any late entries will often result in the child missing out due to teams being compiled and entered into competitions. We will not be chasing up children’s permission slips as it is a parental and personal responsibility. It is also expected that any fees are paid or payment is arranged with the office prior to the season starting. As always, we will be asking for parent help in coaching and supervising teams.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.  

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Cricket Year 3-6

Friday Afternoon: Kiwi Cricket


Hockey Year 1-6

Saturday Morning

Hockey Year 1-6

Saturday Morning

Cricket Year 3-6

Friday Afternoon:Kiwi Cricket

Saturday: Hardball

Canoe Polo Y6

Saturday Afternoons

Canoe Polo Y6

Saturday Afternoons

Thursday Soccer

Thursday afternoon Y3-6

Tee Ball Y1/2

Wed and Thurs afternoon

Beach 5s Rugby


Basketball Y1-6

Thursday afternoons

Basketball Y1-6

Thursday afternoons


Junior Netball

Y1/2 Thursday afternoon

Rippa Rugby Y5/6

Wednesday afternoon

Tackle Rugby Y5/6

Wednesday afternoon

Junior Netball Year 1-2

Thursday afternoon.

Weetbix Tryathlon


Y3/4 Tuesday afternoon

Y5/6 Thursday afternoon

Spooner Shield Tournament

Y5/6 Top Teams

Netball, Football, Rugby, Hockey,


Gymnastics – Breaktime practices Y1-6

Gymnastics – Breaktime practices Y1-6

Athletics Day/Inter School Athletics


School/Interschool Cross Country/HB

HB Triathlon


Jr Triathlon


Jr Tabloids


Trials will be run for year 5 and 6 hockey, netball, basketball and cricket teams and a 1st team will be selected and placed in the most appropriate competitive grade. This allows these teams to play with and against  similarly skilled players. The remaining children will then be spread evenly across remaining teams.

You may notice the we are no longer offering basketball in terms 1 and 4. This is to limit the cross-over and disruptions to games and practices that we have encountered in the past.

We expect players to be committed to making it to all practices and that parents are responsible for transporting their children to and from games.

Many thanks,

Taradale Primary P.E. Curriculum Team