Team Toru


In Team Toru Our Whakawhanaungatanga is about nurturing the seed (tamariki), developing their growth through our belief and values, with the heart of our whakawhanaungatanga being hauora. With this, the seed will flourish and blossom.  We do this through the support of our whānau, our community and of one another.

In Team Toru (Year 5 & 6) our tamariki are encouraged and inspired to be the driver’s of their learning.  All that we do within our team is underpinned by our values and elements of Our Whakawhanaungatanga.  The tamariki have the opportunity to learn within an MLE (Modern Learning Environment) that uses BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) as a component of our daily learning programme.  Each MLE space (whare) has three kaiako that work and learn collaboratively, whilst still having their own ‘home class’.  This provides a wonderful balance between learning alongside a range of their peers, whilst also having the guidance, direction and support of their own kaiako.  

Āko Learning

In Team Toru we continue to make links between other year levels within our kura and foster and build on the many skills within Our Whakawhanaungatanga.  One way we do this is through our Āko Time.  Team Toru’s Āko Time philosophy is that it will be purposeful and enhance the attributes of Our Whakawhanaungatanga, building on the key competencies of our curriculum.  Student agency will be nurtured  through āko based activities.  

Learning in Team Toru

Our Literacy programme incorporates the use of BYOD via the Workspace platform, this allows our tamariki to develop their agency, independence and self-managements skills in a ‘Must Do / Can Do ‘ approach.  

Within our Literacy programme we are teaching the ākonga ‘The Code’, once again building upon what has been learnt in previous years.  This helps strengthen their letter-sound relationships, spelling patterns, morphology, decoding of unknown words when reading and allows them to spell with greater accuracy and use more advanced vocabulary during writing.

Our Mathematics programme is similar in its approach by using a ‘Must Do / Can Do styled programme.  We start each week with Problem Solving Monday where the ākonga will learn and problem solve alongside 2 or 3 other tamariki.  This gives our ākonga an opportunity to strengthen many aspects of our whakawhanaungatanga (i.e. risk taking, flexibility in their thinking, communication skills, curiosity and creativity ) to achieve a common goal.


Additional Learning Opportunities

Team Toru tamariki are very fortunate to experience many additional learning opportunities, these opportunities and experiences build on the culture within our team and allow the tamariki to shine both inside and outside the classroom across a vast range of curriculum areas.

These include:

  • Kapa Haka  
  • Year 6 Camp      
  • Recorder & Ukulele classes
  • Year 5 Whare Sleepover/EOTC Days 
  • Year 6 Optimist Yachting
  • A range of sporting opportunities   
  • Kaitiaki (leadership) Groups
  • Chess     
  • Mathletics       
  • Lit Quiz     
  • Ōtātara Pā visits